3 Holidays, 2 Films, still no entry in 100 crore club

Last Updated: Thursday, 23 August 2018 (15:46 IST)
Mumbai: It is seen that the movies which get additional holidays has
more chances to surge into 100 or even 200 crores. The same can't be said for the past weekend. and were released on 15th August. Both the movies received the facility of three holidays, :- Independence day,  Sunday (19th Aug) and Eid al Adha (22nd Aug).

The movies did fairly better in all the holidays but it was not enough to reach the triple figure mark as the screens are divided into two. starrer Gold Earned 6.5 crore on Eid making the gross collection reach 79.30. While starrer Satyamev Jayate earned more than Gold on Eid (6.70 crores). The gross collection of the movie is  64.46 crore. (WD) 
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