People are waiting for me to fail: Kangana Ranaut

Last Modified Tuesday, 22 January 2019 (16:27 IST)
New Delhi: Actress has battled her way facing sexism, harassment and heartbreaks to emerge as one of the most powerful contemporary leading stars and the actress believes there are people waiting for her to fail.

Though she delivered hits and cemented her position, Kangana’s crashing of recent projects “Simran” and “Rangoon” were more talked about.
“I do feel there are people waiting for me to fail,” Kangana said.
The 31-year-old actor, known to speak her mind, said while a certain section will look at her in a particular light but her world view is extremely positive and she wouldn’t change that.
“Even though I can realise or feel, I can never be like them or feel through them. I understand their cynicism but I can never be them. Personally, I’ve never waited for anyone to fail. That’s why I think I could do what I did in my life.
“That inherent positivity that I have in me. I praise everyone regardless of who they are or what they think of me is actually something I live by. I’m not a double faced person. What others feel I’m not concerned about that,” Kangana added.
Kangana is currently gearing up for her ambitious epic-drama “Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi”.
Kangana said she was aware when the news dropped that she will now helm the project, there was wide spread skepticism around her.
“When the studio is investing money, I must’ve shown them some caliber because nobody will put money on anyone. If the entire team, the writers who are India’s best are ready to work with me, it’s beyond me why people get so touchy,” the actress said.
Kangana added that most of it could be “deep rooted sexism” which invited the amount of doubt on whether she could direct the film.
“I’m just a new director on the block, what’s the big deal? I see there is a lot of sexism involved in this- a woman, doing an epic action film and directing it. That’s something even Hollywood was struggling with.
“When ‘Wonder Woman’ came people were like ‘oh a woman director making an action film’ but when the film worked well, they all praised a woman pulling this off. There is clearly a deep rooted sexism,” she added.
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