Hindu deity of Shitala Devi found while digging pandal for Durga Puja

Last Modified Tuesday, 31 July 2018 (11:13 IST)
Agartala: An ancient of Hindu goddess, likely to be Shitala Devi, made of stone was excavated yesterday at Udaipur of South when labourers were digging earth to construct a for the coming Durga puja.
The state government kept it for archeological verification and further research at the site, officials said here today.The labourers' spades hit some hard matter when they were digging for constructing a pandal for 50 feet Durga idol during the next puja at Rabindra Sangha Club of Udaipur.
Curious, the workers dug hard and ultimately recovered the ancient stone idol, which is shaped like Devi Shitala.Hundreds of people thronged the area and the club authority has installed the idol and started worshipping.
Meanwhile, the state government has decided to call archeological experts to examine the idol and locations.(UNI)