11-year-old WhiteHat Jr Student from Kolkata Certified as a Microsoft Technology Associate India

Last Updated: Thursday, 25 February 2021 (17:09 IST)
Kolkata: Eleven-year-old student from Kolkata, Asaawari Sahai, has cleared the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Examination for Introduction to Programming Using Python.

is a globally recognized certification sought by those interested in pursuing a career in technology.
WhiteHat Jr is an edTech start-up that teaches coding live 1:1 online to children from age 6-18 years powered by a qualified teacher force of more than 11,000 women.
A grade 6 student of Modern High School for Girls and one of WhiteHat Jr’s early adopters, has attended more than 160 classes since she began in March 2019.
Elated with her achievement, Shweta Kotarki, a BTech graduate and her teacher at WhiteHat Jr said, “Asaawari has excelled at the course right from the beginning, even making it to the WhiteHat Jr’s Code of Honor list two years in a row. I’m not surprised that she has cleared the MTA exam at such a young age given her dedication and passion.” (UNI)