BJP MP demands reservation for dalits in Indian cricket team

Last Updated: Saturday, 7 January 2017 (18:46 IST)
Lucknow: All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisation National Chairperson and MP from Delhi Dr Udit Raj has demanded for in national sports, particularly Cricket. Quoting example from South African team, where at least six players in the team should be black, Mr Raj said that such concept could be adopted in India too. In another example, he spoke about the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket team, where out of 16, either seven players are from Jammu and nine from Kashmir, or vice-versa.

"There is no such rule in the Indian cricket team" he stressed. Dr Raj said that the Indian team would be strengthened if participation of Dalits was ensured through reservation. Addressing a meeting here today, Udit Raj said that the Confederation managed to save reservation in promotion in 2006 when the Supreme Court was hearing the Nagaraj case, but later on January 4, 2011, Lucknow High Court disallowed such reservation in promotion. "At that time, the Government in Uttar Pradesh referred the matter to the Supreme Court, and unfortunately such decision of the High Court was ratified by the Apex court.
According to judicial precedent, a smaller bench cannot overturn the decision made by a larger bench, but that happened in this case," he said. He alleged that SC/ST employees were facing severe exploitation under the present Samajwadi Party regime in UP. "In SP rule, even officers selected on general merit have been demoted. Many officers felt its better to stay on leave rather to join office, as they would be forced to work under their juniors", he alleged. Dr Raj also said that Dalits in UP were divided not only politically, but also socially. "They are not ready to support even a leader who is fighting for them, irrespective of party politics. This is one of the biggest reasons why Dalits in UP are weaker than in other states.
I had put forth a message through the Confederation that we are ready to fight for your rights. If we received the expected support, then the situation in UP would have been very different from what it is today", he further alleged. BJP MP also spoke about the massive rally organised by the Confederation on 28th November 2016 at Ramleela Maidan, New Delhi which was successful despite demonetisation. "The contribution of UP in this rally was almost negligible, whereas being the largest state; it should have had the largest share. (UNI)