How is your day: 27th November

Last Modified Wednesday, 27 November 2019 (11:26 IST)
Aries: Give up the games/manipulations at work on the other side waits wealth and wisdom. Some of you need to guard your frank speech and brash ways may get you into trouble today with people you care for.

Taurus: Taking a stand is not easy for you. Discover your inadequacies and address them. Money you owe others needs to be honored. No matter what you have in your mind, your dishonest ways will be discovered.

Gemini:  Dreams for you, Dreams for others. What’s important is you wishing others well, for your own progress, your hidden envy proves detrimental for yourself and your loved ones who sail in the same boat.

Cancer:  You decide to do something new that excites you and follow your instincts today. A recent heartbreak could have changed the way you look at life. A social gathering this evening means new friendships and great fun.

Leo:  You try to be more kind in your approach, try it, the goodwill you create is contagious. The universe teaches you to be a giver, be grateful, there are very few who receive this great opportunity to serve others.

Virgo: You move towards progress in great leaps and bounds, you have only yourself to thank, don't stop the process! You receive appreciation for the work you do, and that in itself opens many an unexpected door.

Libra: Working towards your goals with a time frame in mind is what is required of you today, be practical or you will lag behind! All the best in your love life; you are afraid to leave and lose and tend to stick to old choices.

Scorpio: You look for different avenues to communicate your true feelings to somebody you care, simply make an intention and enjoy a happy response today! At work, envy comes from the most unassuming lot.

Sagittarius: Loss of someone/ something you cherish/admired shows you that time is off the essence today, out your best foot forward, A minor tiff with a close pal could escalate, the ball is in your court.
Capricorn: A new office space you purchase gets in more business although is very time consuming. Make a good schedule for yourself, include it with wishing others well too, and open the doors to many pleasant innings.

Aquarius: Problems and misunderstandings at the work place could be the work of politics and petty minds, rise above this widen your horizons, some soul searching, some connecting and you are on the way to success in every endeavor.
Pisces:- Clinching deals are vital and you push business interests making sure you are moving towards the plan to create a niche for yourself in your chosen field. If involved with someone emotionally tied up elsewhere.
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