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How is your day: 29th December

Last Modified Friday, 29 December 2017 (11:42 IST)
Trapped in the past and fears is your state of mind today. Seek the help you require. You won't be disappointed. Consolidating your position in your beloved’s heart is indicated. Enjoy love this evening.
Issues with a parent grow and are present for you to resolve and learn from them. Move ahead. At work, projects on hand take off and may need more funds for competition. Give it your best. 

:A late evening indicated, take care of your health those suffering from stomach disorders need to go easy on their diet today. 

Rigid and right in your views and ways comes naturally to you as you pride yourself in being naturally gifted. But do not underestimate others who may indulge in foul play and manipulations to beat you down.  

You muster all your determination and head to work where important decisions need to be taken. A meeting could mean overtime and a late evening. 

It is all about getting to that quiet place in your heart and listening to that voice that guides you and shows you what to do next both at work and in your troubled personal life. 

Libra : Getting your act together is a chore, as for some of you being complacent and focusing on fun is still your best choice, balance is the key or losses and goodwill suffer.

Scorpio : A new proposal at work /business could involve risks today. But you are ready to take a chance and be different in your otherwise over cautious attitude. Don’t let mixed results bother you. 

If a colleague at work spreads rumors, smile even more. It is all part of learning that insecurity is universal. Making an effort to tackle yours will change your environment to positive and conducive to growth.

Capricorn : A brilliant start to an extremely successful day ahead, making your mark. Money inflow improves and you make some wise investments. Health is good.

Aquarius :The path to learning in your chosen field demands humility and a greater sense of awareness about people and situations, love life improves a wee bit. Be positive!

Pisces : Depending on others to take on your responsibilities is unrealistic today, its wiser to deal with your own agenda as it will need a personal touch, if single you meet someone interesting this evening, play by ear!
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