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How is your day: 8th January

Last Modified Monday, 8 January 2018 (09:59 IST)
Aries : Laziness is the biggest enemy of all and it is for you as well. A day to remain away from sadness due to higher expenses.

You will be proud of the prosperity and money earned in the long run. One needs to be down to earth during this day.

Gemini : Good thing comes to those who wait, follow it for this day.  Monetary benefit and prestige will rise but health woes remains same. 

One will earn quite a big amount of money today. The health will remain steady and reconciliation is on the cards.
 The health woes continue to trouble you.  The opportunities of benefit slip out of your hand. One needs to maintain peace.

It will be a even-Steven day for you in terms of  loss and gain. You need to maintain a systematic time table.

Libra : A rare day when you gather accolades from enemies. Prestige and monetary gain rises and you attain peace indoors and outdoors.

Scorpio : The opportunities to get benefit increases. The environment of indoors and outdoors is favorable. 

Not a good day, as possibility of an accident is on the cards. Health issues are  a cause of concern. Health takes a hit as expenditure increases.

Capricorn : You will get a benefit from the person of the opposite gender. Health goes well.

Aquarius : Meeting with a friend will be beneficial for you. There are less worries and no troubles from the enemy end.

Pisces : The opportunities of benefits will rise and health goes well. The old issues will be resolved today.
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