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Should men and women remain away during Lunar Eclipse?

Last Modified Friday, 16 September 2016 (17:45 IST)
Eclipse holds a special place in our life. This time will be seen on 16th and 17th September. The eclipse will not be visible in India, but in countries like US, Atlantic, Europe, and Antarctica, it will be partially visible. Therefore, at the time of the eclipse as per the rules one should perform bath, meditation and other rituals to counter troubles and attain happiness.

Khagras lunar eclipse will be seen on the night of 16th and 17th September. As per the Indian standard time the eclipse will start from 10:27 pm and last till 2:24 late night. The moment Sutak comes into play till it ends, one should avoid having meals. The eclipse is considered best suited for Mantra Diksha as mind oriented moon, soul oriented Sun, five elements body oriented earth are in the same alignment and intensity.

It is to be believed that having meals or other food stuff during eclipse results in disease. Thus, eating and other works are prohibited during eclipse. A potable water and prepared food too is not advised to use.

In a bid to remain away from the ill effects of the eclipse on mind and soul, meditation can be handy. The importance of meditation, chanting, Yagna and donation double folds during the time of eclipse. Often, the eyesight of men and women gets feeble if they make out during sutak. Thus, it is advised to both to remain away from during an eclipse.

The ill effects of the eclipse are not jut myths, various facts and experiments backs it. An arbitrary conduct during the eclipse not only result a mental block, but also takes a toll on physical health. One needs to be extra cautious and follow some basic guidelines during Sutak.

Lunar eclipse is an astronomical situation where sun, earth and moon are aligned. The type of lunar eclipse and duration depends on the situation of moon. Unlike solar eclipse, lunar eclipse can be seen from the naked eyes as it is not harmful for the eyes.

When the nubile boys and girls have a glimpse of the eclipse than either their marriage gets cancelled or they find their partners after much ado. The intensified moon affects the nubile boys and girls the most.
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