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Oops! So this "Khan" was Priyanka's boyfriend?

Last Modified Monday, 29 May 2017 (20:01 IST)
Priyanka Chopra recently said something which may have given us a hint on her rumored ex boyfriend!
PC recently participated in a chat show in America called Dirty Laundry. We all know, tricky questions are asked on such shows and often we can also see examples of tongue slip from stars. The same happend with Priyanka.
Replying to a question, Priyanka showed a jacket and said that this belongs to her ex boyfriend, who had forgotten it at her place when once he had stayed the night over there. Obviously she didn't tell the name who he was, but she nonetheless had given a great hint. And the rest was found out.
The jacket that was shown in the show, was the same one that Shah Rukh Khan use to wear. Everybody knows that SRK and PC have been the rumored lovers of Bollywood and this relationship also had caused a lot of trouble in the married life of King Khan.

That must be an Oops  moment for PC. Or who knows, she may have dropped this hint knowingly!
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