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Will China divert the river Brahmaputra?

Last Modified Tuesday, 31 October 2017 (14:52 IST)
Beijing, Oct 31 (UNI) China's top political leadership is believed to be contemplating to construct a long tunnel to divert the waters of the Yarlung Tsangpo or River from Tibet to its dry Xinjiang region.
If approved, the tunnel will not only be the world's longest but also affect the water flow in the Brahmaputra causing draughts in the Northeastern part of India and Bangladesh.
Observers opine that storing vast quantities of water prior to dispatch through the tunnels could also increase the risks of flooding downstream.
The Brahmaputra originated in Tibet as Yarlung Tsangpo and flows downstream into India's Northeast sustaining millions of people in its basin and flowing into Bangladesh before meeting the Bay of Bengal.
The plan involves diverting water from Tibet to the Taklamakan desert in Xinjiang.
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