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Ram and Sita reached Ayodhya in chopper, CM Yogi recieved the duo

Last Updated: Thursday, 19 October 2017 (10:57 IST)
Ayodhya: With a resolve to bring old glory of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said that the negative talks about should end and we should strive to bring “Rajya” in Uttar Pradesh where everyone will have the basic necessities of life. “The city like Ayodhya which gave Diwali to India lies in the state of neglect because previous government never wanted to talk about Ayodhya.

Why this negativity? This should end. The time has come to take Ayodhya to the path of development and revive the positive atmosphere associated with this Holy city,” Yogi said while addressing people in Ram Katha park here on Wednesday. He said previously there was `Ravan Rajya’ where the then Governments only talked about appeasement and providing benefits to people of particular caste, creed and religion.

The present government has taken a resolve to bring `Ram Rajya’ where everyone – belonging to any caste and religion – will have a house, electricity and will enjoy other basic necessities of life, Yogi said. In his almost 35 minute speech Yogi spoke about Ram Rajya time and again but refrained from talking about Ram Mandir. He spoke a number of times about negativity associated with Ayodhya but did not elaborate what actually he meant by this negativity. He said that his government will respect the feelings of people (bhawanao ka samaan hoga) but did not explain what he meant by `Bhawana’ here – whether this means construction of temple.

But he began his speech with the chant of “Jai Sri Ram” and ended the speech with same chant as crowd roared in unison shouting “Jai Sri Ram.” He spoke about Ram Lila being performed by the artists of different countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka saying they treat Lord Ram as their ancestor but asked as why we in India question one if he talks about Lord Ram. “This is a matter of pride for us that Lord Ram belonged to this area and everyone here is linked with Maryada Purshottam.

This is our heritage and we should protect it,” he said. On the day when nation celebrated “Chotti Diwali” Yogi gave a big gift of projects worth Rs 133 crore which includes building parks, roads and providing basic amenities in Ayodhya. He also celebrated Deepotsava at the ghats of Saryu when he along with local denizens of Ayodhya lighted 1.71 lakh `diyas’ giving a shot at the Guinness World Record when such a large number of earthen lamps were lighted at one go at one place. “Today every people in Ayodhya has lighted a Diya.

This is in memory of return of Lord Ram from 14 years of Banvaas. This happened in Treta Yug and now we are replicating the same event in Kaliyug. Thus, a beginning has been made to take Ayodhya from the negative shade to positive shade and soon this holy city will emerge as a centre of religious tourism,” Yogi said. He talked about bringing Kashi, Vrindavan, Shakumbari Devi, Naimisaryana and other places of historical importance under tourism map but refrain from taking the name of Taj Mahal. “This is the government which is striving to work for the development of Uttar Pradesh.

These area will be developed as Tourism hub and once we do that the youth will get employment that will bring economic prosperity in this region,” he said adding that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dynamic leadership we will provide houses to all by 2022 and every house will have toilet by 2019. This is bringing Ram Yajya in true sense.

Governor Ram Naik, Union Ministers Mahesh Sharma and KJ Alfonse also spoke on this occasion. Earlier, CM received Ram, Lakshman and as the reached the venue in a Chopper which showered flowers over the crowd reminding people of `pushp varsha’ the inimitable tale that goes with Ramayana. Later, CM participated in a aarti of `Saryu’ river where he talked about protecting rivers as these are the lifelines of the civilization. (UNI)
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