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What! Swimming trainer body found in the College Square pool

Last Modified Saturday, 12 August 2017 (14:01 IST)
Kolkata: Life saving certificate holder Kajal Dutta, who was missing since getting down into the College Square in central Kolkata on Friday morning, was found dead as his body was entangled with the bamboo structure, which was erected for renovation of the century old pool.

Disaster management experts of found the corpse at around 0300 hours today, after 20 hours continuous search following de-watering of the pool, which has produced many Olympians and channel swimmers in past 100 years.
Eye witnesses said as the de-watering process was on with flood lights, portion of hand could be visible and the body was taken out of the water. Former Customs department employee (67), had successfully completed the life saving certificate course from NIS and had trained many people in swimming after taking part in the national swimming competitions in his peak days.

Recently he had a habit to hunt shrimps into the deep water in bare hands. A pall of gloom was descended in parts of central and north Kolkata over the tragic accident of the in the pool, which is celebrating the 100th year of its existence in ever crumbling of this 300 year old city. (UNI)
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