Andhra Pradesh: Highly educated but superstitions parents kill two grown up daughters believing they will be ‘reborn in a day’

Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 January 2021 (12:06 IST)
Chittoor: In a gruesome incident, two highly educated allegedly murdered their grown brutally only on believing the superstitions.

The incident happened at Ankishettipalle village of Madanaplli in district on Sunday.
The deceased were identified as Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (22). The four member family has been residing Shivanagar colony of Ankishettipalle under Madanaplli rural.
To a wonder, the parents though they are well educated were addicted to witchcraft and barbarously killed their two daughters.
Father Malluru Purushottam Naidu is a vice-principal of the Madanapalle government women's degree college, while his wife Padmaja who is a gold medallist in mathematics, runs a famous private college in Madanaplle.
According to the DSP Ravi Manoharchary, murdered Alekhya (elder daughter) qualified the Indian Forest Service (IFS) examination and was posted as a forest officer at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh last year.
She came to her house during the COVID-19 lockdown and also learnt that she was preparing for the Civil Services examination.
Younger daughter, Sai Divya completed her post-graduation in business administration (MBA) and was pursuing a music course at A R Rahman Music Academy in Chennai.
The neighbours informed the police that for the last three days the family members were performing some pujas at home. On Sunday night, after the completion of puja, the parents first killed their elder daughter in the puja room itself, by stuffing her mouth with a copper tumbler and later smashed her head with a dumb-bell, using for exercise.
Later, they stabbed repeatedly their younger daughter with a spear at her room in the first floor after brought her to her room from ground floor.
Father Purushotham Naidu had assisted his wife in the murders.
The reason exactly was not known as to why Naidu himself called one of his lecturers in the college and informed him about the murders which they did and the lecturer immediately informed the police.
DSP Manoharachary along with CI Srinivasulu and other staff rushed to the house and took the parents into custody.
In their questioning, police learnt that the motive behind the murders was only the strong belief at superstitions led parents to this brutal act. The parents also informed the police that their daughters would come alive soon.
DSP Ravi Manoharachary said they recently moved into their newly constructed house here and the family members were highly spiritual and immersed in pujas all the time.
The police stated that the parents appeared to be in psychological disorder or any trance of witchcraft. (UNI)