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7 Reasons Why it is better having a Guy friend than a boyfriend

Last Updated: Saturday, 6 January 2018 (17:19 IST)
Do you have a guy and not a boyfriend? You lucky Girl. Having a is always best for obvious reasons, but when it comes to having a platonic guy best friend the awesomeness is undeniable.Here are 7 why it’s better having a guy BFF. 
1. He'll never ever lie about how that dress is looking at you: 
Your male best friend has no reason to lie to you about how you look because he is not the one who wants to get in your pants. He is the one to actually tell how that pants looks on you. Whether you look like a flat fish or curvy, your male best friend has no reason to lie to you. If it is your best friend, you definitely don't care.

2.You can be goddamn disgusting in front of him: 
Yeah, that's true. With the understanding of mutual un-attraction, a guy and a girl are totally free to do gross things in front of each other. You could not care less. He tolerates you like hell and loves you at the same time. You can be like the most disgusting person ever and he won't think of you any less. 


3.  You save bucks: 
Ha-ha! That is exactly what one thinks because you don't have to buy him gifts on random any special day. You know, valentine’s day or the day we first met or fourth month kind of anniversary, the stuff you do for your boyfriend. So, you definitely save a lot of money. There's no drama and always "that is who i am" attitude. 

4.  He listens: 
Now even when you are in a relationship, he's ready to listen your crap. "I don't think my bf loves me anymore", "oohh, I think he's dating someone". Well, he listens and also gives you cool advices. Your relationship with your guy best friend serves as a safe haven from all the other melodrama in your life. 


5.  You are always ready to annoy him: 
If your boyfriend is asleep. You may think 20 times before calling him late night, but when it comes to calling your best friend, you don't even think once, but you'll call him 20 times. On the other hand, he is not going to break up with you, so you are like chill. Annoyingly, gives you "The happiness".


6.  You are not at all self-conscious: 
It doesn't matter whether you are wearing ugly clothes or you are on your period and you look dull. With the guy best friend you are always like "Who cares". If you look unattractive it doesn’t matter because the relationship isn’t about that. You are what you are when you are with him. 

7.  The dude has been Forever: 
The thing about having friends is that things are a lot less complicated. You don’t fight about money, you don’t fight about making out, in most cases anyway. Friends stay friends through good times, hard times and changes. They help you become the biggest dumbs. Boyfriend see you as the person you are now and don’t always accept it when that person changes.  

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