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Who owns the text?

What a writer does? Well, he simply writes. But the writing does not really belong to him

Author Sushobhit Saktawat
All first person become third person someday, and nobody owns the text. The names are mere facts and they should only be taken as representatives and all texts belong to one textual Demiurge residing in our super subconsciousness.
So, what a writer does? Well, he simply writes. But the writing, though distinctly shaped by his own cultural and psychological and spiritual cultivation as a textual-being, does not belong to him, and hence he can have a sigh a relief. 
Waters spring out from wells but wells don't own the water and if the stream runs out underneath them, they wouldn't be able to make a single drop of water on their own, and yet, Water-Gods 'choose' wells as their medium. That is the glory of them. And glory is what belongs to the writers. The glory of being 'chosen'. 
And there ain't no ownership for them, for how could there be?
And guess what, they can even publish their texts. They can even print their names (a utility thing while they are crossing the bar) on their books. And they can smile when people read them and praise them and take them for their creator. This is a nice game, which must be played on its merit and that's all.
Even the stuff of a writer is a registration kind of thing. Those who register a land on their name, they 'pay' for it and hence they can pretend to own it (while they can't even own a single grain of sand on the Mother Earth, not a single grain of sand!). And so the too 'pay' something for their writing, some part of their aching soul, some of their bleeding heart and their life, which lies in disarray. They can have the copyright of their books for the time being as a utility stuff, and all books 'belong' to that deity of text, who borne all the languages of the universe.
Hence, dear writers, you must do your 'karma' as nobody else has a greater job in the world than a man, you can put pen on the paper.
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