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Why left politics would rather support Donald Trump

Whosoever has a left-leaning ideology and is consistent with it, is bound to choose Trump over Hilary

Author Sushobhit Saktawat
The notorious “Elvis of philosophy” has done it again. Slavoj Žižek, the single most celebrated and controversial Marxist philosopher today, has triggered a fierce debate by saying that if he had to choose between and Donald Trump, his vote would belong to latter. But if you look closer and try to survey what he is saying, then you will find that he is only trying to be consistent with his ideological prejudice. And his support for Trump is in line with “Classical Communist cannons” only!
How? Its very simple. Spare a look to what Žižek says about Hilary and Trump. He argues that Hilary is more dangerous than Trump, since “She has built an impossible all-inclusive coalition.” He further says that “In every society there is a whole network of unwritten rules, how politics works, and how you build consensus. Trump disturbed this. And if Trump wins, both big parties, Republicans and Democrats, would have to return to basics, rethink themselves, and maybe some things can happen there.”
What Žižek is saying, is actually very fundamental and essential to Marxism : The disruption of status-quo, a breach in manufactured consensus, and a challenge to crony-political-finantial-nexus and. There also seem to be efforts to build a Democrat dynasty through Hilary, where her husband Bill Clinton ruled the roost for two full terms before, then he pitched for Barack Obama’s second term in office in 2012, and eventually secured his support for his wife in return. challenges this whole game as an outsider and an outsider-disruptor is more consistent with Marxist idioms than a status-quoist, opportunist, consensus building politician like Hilary, who seems almost incapable of bringing any fresh changes to the system which may rot further under her purview.
It’s not obscure to understand what Žižek is saying and why he is saying it.
For instance, precisely what are things that make Trump so obnoxious? That he has dictatorial traits in him? Well, the concept of dictatorshiop is theoretically inherent in classical Marxism, no wonder communist regimes keep producing some of the fierce dictators ever. Marxist establishments prefer to super-impose “Radical Reforms” from top, without caring much about a popular consensus. They seem to despise the very concept of a democratic consensus, in fact. They say Trump is whimsical. Well, it will take him a lot of catching to get anywhere near to some of the communist crackheads like Mao, Stalin and Kim Jong Un. They say Trump is lewd and lecherous. No problem to Marxism, they never care much about keeping a clean character, do they? Harems of Stalin and Mao, full of wives, concubines, and female servants, have been a part of public rumors for too long. They say Trump is not sensitive enough for the community identities. No communist leader is sensitive enough for it, for that matter. The word “community” itself never concerns Marxism much, they would rather talk about “classes” instead of “castes” and “communities” and “religious identities”. In fact, if Marxists have their way then they would rather do away with them. Not that Trump can be classified as a communist in strict sense, but he certainly has some of the “personality traits” that communist leaders generally possess and no wonder we find Žižek playing for him.
Žižek is a hardcore Stalinist. So much so that he has got a poster of Stalin in his bedroom, which is uses to frighten his American guests. Now he is frightening Americans by supporting Trump and in the process also giving us an insight into the parelles that can be drawn between Communist personality traits and Trump phenomenon.
You may find it hard to believe, but so-called left leaning liberals sitting in and and Indian Express would rather support Donald Trump if thay are consistent with their ideology. They would opt for Hilary only if they are either half-baked leftist, or if they are blatant hypocrite, or maybe even not enough literate in Marxist political theories. Nobody gives less damn to Human Rights, than Communist regimes. Nobody has banned more books and films than Communist leaders. No other ideology has produced more dictators than Communism. I don’t know what bubble they are living in, the so-called left-leaning liberals of our times. If they are any true leftist, they will support Trump tooth and nail just like Žižek has done. They have no other choice, since all hitherto history of Communism has been a history of producing nuts and cracks like Donald Trump in one way or another, and here comes another, this time from United States of America.
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